A Learning Community Where Scietists Provide Online Mentorship

CAMP HILL, Pennsylvania (Ivanhoe Newswire) — From probability to smart bombs, scientists are increasingly working remotely, reporting knowledge gleaned through the scientific method on the Internet. But the real key to success of this type of research depends on who they’re communicating with – and researchers cannot do enough of that.

A Learning Community Where Scietists Provide Online Mentorship

In the Scientific Laboratory, 100% Learning is the way to go!

Studying through online education today comes with its own set of benefits, and that benefits include a plentiful amount of benefits. For STEM studies in particular, online studies offer an opportunity to hone one’s skills in these fields through learning opportunities outside of the classroom. While the real world of STEM is always ripe with challenges, from scheduling to culture to technology, online classes can offer the flexibility of studying and researching with the ability to go when you want. These online courses also are often more affordable, so students don’t have to make any drastic changes to their schedules to learn. With virtually every potential outcome open to students, online courses, on the whole, offer tremendous benefits.

What do online courses offer?

In each of the STEM disciplines, each professional has a set of capabilities that they’re expected to use in order to perform their job. You can put those skills to work to your advantage in online courses. Scienesthetics, for example, includes a series of online courses that develop a person’s understanding of how images form on a video screen. A team of Scienesthetics students tutor students every week through a variety of video tutorials, daily assignments, quizzes, and videos that teach skills such as looking at videos and searching for images online.

Yet another option is Nonprofit Studies. This series of online courses focuses on how nonprofits look at various projects and potential solutions to social problems. Some of the topics covered include the organization’s mission and vision, their primary goal for the project or project, how it is funded, how projects begin, how it grows, and how it grows over time. There are also opportunities for collaboration in this series. Students are challenged to come up with a number of scenarios to study, and then put these scenarios into practice in the classroom. The result is “how-to” videos that quickly inform the learner how the nonprofit can go about building positive change.

What does non-profit studies teach?

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of working through online courses instead of traditional methods of education. In Nonprofit Studies, a major difference in online courses is that the goal is not to take a class and make friends with others who share your interests. One of the student’s primary goals is to learn about an organization’s mission, and the key is to learn from that organization’s strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to learn from this organization by working with them, not by learning everything you need to know on your own.

In Scienesthetics, the main benefit is an increase in self-confidence when your teacher sees that you’re following the content and getting their point of view. However, the biggest benefit in online courses comes in the form of interactive, real-time learning that allows the student to be more effective when working with peers in classes with real-world applications. Even in Scienesthetics, the best part comes in the form of many videos that show students how their response to questions or to different topics would be different if they were in a classroom setting.

The bottom line is that online courses offer the flexibility of working with an instructor who is available to assist when needed. Furthermore, online courses allow for greater interaction between professors and students. In Nonprofit Studies, the team of tutors is available online for any problem they see while the student learns at his or her own pace. In Scienesthetics, tutors are available throughout the series to help students handle any problems they may encounter during the course.

In the online space of STEM education, 100% Learning is an online consulting company that works with students, teachers, and teachers that want to make the most of their classes. To get started, visit www.100%learning.com and sign up for free. Once signed up, students can create an account and read up on how to improve their skills. The top of the homepage contains an extensive section of assignments, textbooks, online tutoring, all formatted for easy completion. Another big benefit to the startup: 100% Learning is a 100% Learning Consultant. Through this online and in-person mentorship, 100% Learning works with students to offer real-world advice on where to improve, what to do, how to get there, and how to make the most of your skills. With the endless variety of classes, hundreds of online courses, and online tutoring courses to choose from, 100% Learning is the place to learn everything you need to get a competitive edge in science, technology, engineering, and math.

This article was written by Charles McArthur, an experienced IT and Certified Assistant Sales Executive that works with digital and communication technologies to provide high quality onsite services for companies. He can be reached at c-mc

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