10. Which Of The Following Websites Provides Free Learning Content And Apps For Online Courses?

Twilio, Udemy, MassiveMind, Coursera, 4Prezi, etc. are a few of the popular schools on the Web.

Over the course of the past few years, a number of companies have stepped up to help give educational material for online courses to students without having to purchase them from publishers or university libraries. The lessons often start out as simple as teaching business principles to software developers or a biological strategy to cat moms. These “iStartups” can graduate to offering free content for those interested in a more formal degree. Below are a few examples, all from Co.Create’s new list of Online Courses That Are Better Than The Ones You’re Taking.

Constellation Big Data for Programmers or the Business of Data – Omnidata by Frank Costa is a course that pulls together the resources necessary to become a successful programmer. It breaks down and lays out your platform needs, what to know in programming languages and models, and how to maximize your throughput and output. There are over 10,000 good-looking images and an endless series of visual demonstrations.

The Complete Software Development Bundle from Udemy offers a total of nine courses covering a variety of areas in software development. You will learn why the integration with Oracle makes it a great fit for customer-oriented development and how you can build an application of your choosing with no code.

Lead with Emails – Don’t be rushed to send your documents out the door. Instead, take a moment to check in and gather your thoughts. Spreadsheet generalists can learn to use PDFs more effectively by running detailed tests to see how they handle pop-up boxes, and other email tactics in the aforementioned PDF.

Audio Design 101 – V.A.S.T. is a fully online course designed to teach the basics of audio, mastering the fundamentals of all the production tools you may have. This 12-week program consists of lectures on all the courses, the video tutorials, reading, and listening.

Black-Learn Patents – Understanding patents has never been easier. Black-Learn is a short but powerful history lesson on a company’s transition from Patents to Copyright and the invention process. The course covers what are called “applications,” how many are needed, the first five actions and even how to get an application filed.

Video: Law School Guaranteed By Adscend (LinkedIn)

Engineering Mudders – Just because you didn’t get a scholarship to attend an engineering school doesn’t mean you can’t learn about the processes and hows of the folks in the business. Engineering Mudders is a cool series of videos on engineering from engineers that run these programs. You can take it off the University’s website but there are also videos that run on YouTube.

Mumblecotches for Virtual Education

J2Edition – Reassuringly, a majority of online courses are supposed to be educational. We can all agree with that. However, when you walk into a typical classroom, you are surrounded by materials that are disorganized and forced to drag their feet through narrative in order to remain relatively engaged. J2Edition provides all of its material via PowerPoint, animations, and videos. It’s good stuff.

Lump My Rigging Level Up – This is actually one of the two courses on The New Education Experts list of Online Courses Better Than The Ones You’re Taking. This course (compiled by Kevin Fennelly and Don Lange) teaches kids, teachers, and parents how to exploit their operation and get the most out of core games.

LSD in the Classroom?

NYU Math for Engineers –While it’s been around for a long time, this new program provides a stable foundation of open-source, free, academic-grade calculus tools from all over the world, allowing faculty and students to customize and learn to appreciate what lies within.

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