• What Is The Importance Of Time Management In Any (online Or Face-to-face) Learning Environment?

People have a varied set of responsibilities depending on what sector they work in, from sales to account management to research to production. They have become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones, tablets and computers, and are easily able to take every element of what is happening around them for granted.

• What Is The Importance Of Time Management In Any (online Or Face-to-face) Learning Environment?

Now that we’ve gotten past the Midterm elections — and more importantly the #MeToo and “Time’s Up” movements — what happens next? There are many reports saying Trump is about to be impeached, but does that mean he should be held accountable? If he is, how can we hold anyone accountable? To answer this question, many are turning to Charles Barkley as a performance-based example and his content this week with his “You’re Fired” segment on NBA “Insider.”

I’ve been a student of Charles Barkley for a long time, and remember when I first met him — at the Rucker Park Rucker Ruckus one Halloween in 1997. At that time, Charles was a professional basketball player and investor in the nightclubs, companies and funds that literally changed hip-hop in New York City, with his new right hand man on “Shaq Diesel” and famed manager, Carmen, aka, Vera. I had just left college and was working as a DJ at the Rock & Roll Hotel and was walking back to the hotel from a party I was djing at around 3 AM, when I bumped into Charles, who jumped out of a limo and grabbed my hand. He said, “What is happening?” And I told him I was heading back to my apartment, and he said, “You just won a contest at the Rucker, where you DJed. But where is your mother?” A second later, he was asking my mom for $500. And he wouldn’t put it up.

Despite his being a multi-millionaire and his immense influence on numerous music and sports figures, he still had an appreciation for people in this culture. He was willing to do anything — entertain us — for the sake of entertainment. He was sensitive to, and believed in, the culture he was in. He loved it. And he really took the ruckus, the Rucker Ruckus, as a positive.

So now, we have someone who doesn’t see it that way — and this has sparked a different conversation.

Charles Barkley, the philosopher, told Rachel Nichols that he thinks that Time’s Up and #MeToo are the real reason Trump was elected. In his opinion, this entire thing with women’s movement is a “great distraction,” and that America is distracted from the real issues in the country, like guns, drugs, and how the country was run into the ground. Of course, that is where he is out of touch, but he won’t let that stop him from getting hits to his YouTube channel. Barkley told Nichols that he thinks Time’s Up and the #MeToo movement are probably not to blame for the “rapists” elected.

The Center for Research on Equality did a study years ago showing that white women are nearly half of all victims of rape and sexual assault in the United States, and it is often in the privacy of their own homes. The #MeToo movement took notice and asked, what do we have to do to stop rape in our communities? Some of the most vocal responses to this have come from wealthy white men who are now being held accountable for crimes they have done against black women. Even people such as Chris Rock and George Lucas stepped out of their comfort zones and contributed financial resources to aid victims. Since Barkley’s comments, even Kevin Hart (who is a comedian) stepped out and offered to not hire entertainers who commit sexual crimes. Here is a clip of his comments on misogyny when introducing an inclusive film, “Night School.”

So yes, there is much to be considered. At the same time, people should consider what Charles Barkley is talking about and how he is expressing his opinions. We have experienced cultural change, but it still seems that it will take some time to get to the good people.

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