• What Is The Importance Of Time Management In Any (online Or Face-to-face) Learning Environment

Ever had the problem of being between classes and realize you forgot your notebook/board/whatever? What is the importance of time management in any (online or face-to-face) learning environment?

Time management in any (online or face-to-face) learning environment.

The face-to-face learning environment can give learners much greater flexibility when studying, even if they don’t have enough hours in the day to spend the time they need. But for those who do, study time can help them get a more clear picture of where they’re at in the learning process.

For instance, if learners are working on an assignment that needs them to be fully available to answer questions, they can certainly make use of that time to get as much work done as possible, while also working on an easier problem that doesn’t require the same level of attention.

This, of course, won’t make them any more effective at the task at hand, but it does show them that they’re making a good start in a capacity they can use throughout the course. Furthermore, if a simpler problem is in progress, the time spent on it can help break up the overwhelm, letting them enjoy the work without stressing themselves out to the point of knowing they need to dive into the deeper problems.

However, in the face-to-face environment, this is all easier said than done. And if a problem is particularly time-consuming, it might be easier to complete it during a break than to schedule time during the day. This means that, regardless of the number of hours each learner has in their day, they shouldn’t neglect some aspects of their learning.

Some common responsibilities in a face-to-face learning environment include the following:

Recording every assignment in good time. In the physical environment, the person making the available-for-applying is always present. But with online tools, work doesn’t always have to happen at set times. And with time management, online tools allow a learner to plan ahead for the rest of the week, even beyond the workday. So although the work might not be interrupted as often, it does offer a chance to continue working on questions. One extra moment can add up to a lot.

Leading and leading-out of class. If the tutor is in a more central location, and the child is in another room, working alone or privately isn’t as likely to happen. So even if the teacher is in the classroom, the help may be limited or no-show entirely. On the other hand, the learner will have every chance to see if the teacher is available in private as well as the classroom. They can “leapfrog” and stay close to the teacher even when a gap in their daily time schedule occurs.

Helping avoid inappropriate distractions. If a person works in a public space where it’s hard to monitor eye contact and phone conversations, the work and/or the person’s attention can quickly stray. When the right time and the right environment are present, there’s an excellent chance that content is being watched and heard. Learning outside of the face-to-face setting is especially valuable.

Taking note of progress. Some of the time needed for online tools to accomplish their tasks is the rest of the learner’s time. So if the time is spent on a question that isn’t particularly challenging, they’ll simply not see or hear progress being made on it. With face-to-face training, this isn’t so much a problem. In fact, taking notes and giving feedback in a fairly “graceful” manner will more than likely help achieve more in the long run than if they were simply being blindsided with a hard-to-monitor problem.

Being ready for key moments. Don’t be fooled by the feature settings of an online learning environment – many of the same performance and learning goals that apply in a traditional classroom can be met online. If a lot of work is being done, the tasks are usually not too difficult. Learning if there are barriers to overcome is always easier in the face-to-face setting.

So, no matter what mode of learning is ideal for each learner, they should make the most of the opportunity. Whether in person or online, the most important thing is to be prepared for key moments and when the key moments approach, stay prepared to respond and then apply what you’ve learned. It’s certainly worth all the effort put in so far.

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